John McLain Voiceovers

Voice actor John McLain had almost everything he needed to build his new voiceover business. He had the right training, experience and excellent coaching. He even had a new brand and flashy new website built to put an image to his voice quality. He just lacked one thing … clients. His website was beautiful, but was built completely using Adobe Flash. This made it totally invisible to the many prospective clients using Apple mobile devices. It also made it nearly invisible to the multitudes using search engines to find voiceover services.

John contacted Guru New Media wanting to create an e-newsletter to help drive traffic to his site. After learning more about his business and goals, we recommended holding off on the newsletter, and instead focusing on a blog. The blog gained him many advantages to a newsletter — it is easier to write, easier to share and more attractive to search engines. Guru New Media coached John on the kinds of blog articles to write and how to better interact with the voice actor community. The goal was to help establish John as a trusted resource thus making him rank much higher on search requests. At the same time, we revamped his website, using javascript and jQuery instead of Flash to solve all of his site invisibility problems while maintaining the highly interactive feel.

John does things the right way. He works very hard at the things that are in his core expertise and seeks expert advice for the things that are not. John writes the blogs, but relies on Guru New Media to learn what is most effective to write about. John records the books but relies on Guru New Media to write press releases about them. It’s a partnership that has served him well. Within only a few months, John had six audiobooks under his belt with several more in the pipeline. John is a real pro, and if you happen to need a talented voice actor for your business or book narration, we encourage you to check him out.