Entrepreneur Charlie Black had a problem. He owned a small business that prepared legal documents and media for trail lawyers. But the COVID pandemic effected trials the same as it did other businesses and his business was at a standstill. All he had was mounds and mounds of shredded paper from old trials. Then he had an idea. What if all that shredded paper could be turned into something useful – like the “kindling” to for a wax fire starter? And so, QwikFire was born.

Charlie had a great product and quickly got his firestarters into several local stores and a few chain stores. But he needed a website where people could purchase his firestarters by the box instead of by the case. Guru New Media helped turn QwikFire’s website ideas into reality, and in a matter of a couple of weeks built him a mobile-friendly e-commerce where he could profit off these small orders. Charlie’s thrilled and already thinking of new merchandise to sell on the store.

  • Date: December 10, 2020
  • Categories: Customized Template / e-commerce / Mobile / Wordpress
  • Client: QwikFire
  • URL: https://qwikfire.net