The Halftime Institute

Written by Bob Buford in 1984, Halftime has become an indispensable book to well over half a million people in helping them transform the success of their “first half” of life into eternal significance in their “second half”. The main message of the book is fairly simple – determine what is truly important to you and reorganize your life so you can begin to live that out. But that transition can be difficult and Mr. Buford quickly realized an organization was needed for his words and ideas to have maximum impact.

Halftime, the organization, has been around for over two decades and their website has been around nearly as long. Being one of the early sites on the internet, their website has gone through several big changes over the years. The most recent was a major overhaul of their brand to “The Halftime Institute”. Guru New Media built a completely custom WordPress website with too many unique tools and features to name. Guru New Media also assists Halftime with a number of tasks including video post-production, database integration and maintenance, e-commerce tools and marketing consultation.

Today, the The Halftime Institute is a unique and vibrant organization actively serving thousands of individuals in a number of ways. But their mission has not changed from Bob Buford’s original mission in 1984 – transforming marketplace success into eternal significance. If you are looking for a university for your second half, look no further than The Halftime Institute.

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