Building or Launching a new website?

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Of course your website is unique. But not all website launches are the same either. Different situations need different services. Here are the primary services Guru New Media can offer you in building and launching your new website to help make it a success!

This is the basic creation of your website. It includes all the form and function of the site built to engage your customers and let them know what makes YOU special. The design, the user interaction, any special tools or features or integrations are all a part of website development. The result will be a completely usable website that is ready to be hosted on a web server.

Price: varies greatly depending on your needs.

Website hosting can be as simple as provisioning space on a server for a website to function, and making sure that requests for that website (in the form of internet urls) point to the proper space on the server.

At Guru New Media, website hosting includes much more. We provide active and ongoing maintenance to make sure the site stays fast (responsive to user interactions), safe (free from malware or viruses), and secure (SSL encryption included with all our site hosting). We also provide daily backups, software updates, maintaining software licenses and available Staging environments of all the sites we host. Finally, we are your single point of contact to promptly handle any issues or concerns. Any rare maintenance issues that do arise are addressed at no additional cost. All of this is included in our Website Hosting.

Price: $45/month for our typical configuration. This includes:

• 5GB of storage
• 500GB of bandwidth/month
• 20,000 monthly visitors

Additional space, bandwidth, visitors, implementation of a CDN (content delivery network) or highly complex sites require additional monthly hosting fees

Branded email is the ability to have an email address that ends in (where is your website url – or, etc.). Guru New Media offers 3 types of email branded email: Free Forwarder, Basic and G-Suite.

Free Forwarder gives you the ability to have an unlimited number of branded email addresses that you can use on your website, on business cards, social media, etc. But these addresses are not actual email accounts, they simply forward email to another email account that you already have. The real limitation is that these only allow you to receive mail, not send mail. For example, suppose you have a forwarded email address of which forwards to If someone sends an email to, you’ll receive it in your account. If you then reply to that email, the recipient will see an email from rather than from

Basic email is $5/month/2GB of storage for an unlimited number of email accounts. Basic email provides actual email accounts that can receive AND send messages. Practically speaking, this is another account that you’d add to your phone, computer or other device which has an email tool like Mac Mail or Microsoft Outlook. While the basic email does include a cloud-based online email manager, it is rudimentary and lacks the sophisticated features of true cloud-based email systems like Gmail. Basic email also has limited spam-fighting capability. However, for small businesses that don’t attract a lot of spam, Basic email can be a perfect solution

G-Suite email allows you to use Google’s “Gmail” email system but branded to your domain. For example, you could have running on G-Suite which would make your email look and work just like your email address. But G-Suite is more than just email. It is Google’s productivity tool much like Microsoft Office. It includes many free and some premium features. See for more information. You are welcome to set this up on your own, or Guru New Media can set up and maintain G-Suite for you. So any question or problem or need for a new address would go to us instead of Google. The price for this is $7.50/account/month which must include an admin account.

SEO is not a part of regular website development because some websites are perfectly successful without it. Search engines will eventually pick up and list your website, and SEO in no way effects your customer’s ability to get to your website via your URL. For some business models, SEO is not all that important.

On the other hand, SEO can be an integral (and VERY expensive) piece of a company’s web strategy. These businesses constantly tweak content, produce blogs and social media, press releases and more for the sole intent of keeping their business in the top 3 sites that come up for particular sets of search terms.

With our SEO Starter Package, we aim for a middle ground with important search-engine-friendly features for a reasonable, one-time price. In this package, we will build profiles for your website with Google, Bing and Yahoo, create a site map that helps them more easily index your content, and apply search-engine-friendly tagging to your content. As a result, when someone searches for your business they will see a business listing in the search engine. And if someone searches for your type of business via applicable search terms, your business will be more likely to come up toward the top.

Price: $500

The Advanced SEO package includes everything in the Starter Package, but its aim is to allow you to be more intentional on what search terms you want to target. Of course, it makes no sense to target search terms that your website has nothing to do with. But at the same time, you can highlight certain terms in your website to make it crystal clear to Search Engines that this is what your website offers which results in higher rankings and better traffic.

Through the Advanced SEO package, we do just that by creating “landing pages” centered on each of your most important search terms, products and/or services. The landing pages are designed not only to act as magnets to search engines, but also with a clear call to action to get people landing there to do something – download a report, set an appointment or make a phone call.

Price: varies somewhat based on the complexity of your business / number of search terms you are trying to attract. But the typical cost is around $1000.

Needs change. Needing your website to show or do something different today than it did when it was built is very common. But often this happens even when you and your customers still love your current website. You just need your current website to do ... more.

If you find you are in this situation, let us know! YOU DON'T NEED TO DO A COMPLETE WEBSITE REDESIGN! Guru New Media can add functionality on to your current website to keep it up with your current needs but without a lot of unneccessary cost. Price: varies greatly depending on your needs.

Let us help you launch your next success!

    What our clients are saying:

    Dave Schlittler [of Guru New Media] is one of those guys that goes the extra mile for his clients. Formidable technical skill, sure; but lots of people have that. Dave takes it to the next level by really investing in the success of those who hire him. His ethics are rock solid, and he’s not afraid to offer bold suggestions that make you really think as a business owner. He’s made a huge difference in my business!John McLain - John McLain Audiobooks
    Leadership Network has worked with Dave Schlittler at Guru New Media for over 10 years and he is simply the best at making complex things simple -- easy to understand and easy to work with. In no particular order, Dave is: Ethical, Smart, Dedicated, Caring, Precise, Responsive. Experienced. Fast. Trustworthy. We call him "Super Dave." You will too!Gayle Carpenter - Leadership Network
    Guru New Media has served us really well.  They has the technical expertise to create a great website (and maintain it) coupled with incredible customer service that many times is lacking from "technical gurus." They listens to our needs and then deliver on what we discussed.  They are on time with his commitments and communicates clearly.  They recently launched a brand new website for us and our clients love it.  Guru New Media is great to work with and is a true partner with our organization.Paul McGinnis - The Halftime Institute